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bareMinerals Face Prep & Prime

The secret to a radiant complexion and long-lasting makeup is to create the perfect canvas for your colours.

The following products have been specially developed to correct, conceal and prime your face in a matter of seconds for a flawless complexion and are suitable for all.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

Prime Time™ Foundation Primer

Enlarged pores. Uneven texture. Flaky dryness. We've all had complexion problems. That's why we created Prime Time, which prepares your skin for seamless coverage with bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation. Apply it first for the smooth, evenly textured complexion you've been waiting for.



Bare Minerals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer

Prime Time™ Oil Control Foundation Primer

Create an ultra silky smooth canvas and experience your most flawless foundation application ever. Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer combats excess oil and absorbs shine while minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Our mineral-infused formula glides on seamlessly, while helping to extend the wear of your foundation. Great for oily, sensitive or problem-prone skin. Formulated without preservatives, oils, fragrances.



Colour Directions Shop Bare Minerals Ready to Go Complexion Perfection Pallette



Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer

Create a silky, smooth canvas for a flawless foundation application with Prime TimeTM Neutralizing Foundation Primer. With its color-correcting yellow base and light-reflective pigments, this innovative foundation primer immediately neutralizes the appearance of discoloration, uneven skin tone and redness for brighter, younger-looking skin. Our mineral-infused formula glides on seamlessly, combatting flaky dryness, rough patches and uneven skin texture.