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Wendy Campbell, owner and founder of Colour Directions

Wendy has worked within the professional beauty industry for over 25 years. She began her career with Christian Dior where, over the course of 12 years, she won numerous awards including Consultant of the Year and the Ultimate Consultant, awarded to their top Make Up Artist in the UK. Wendy wins such accolades because she loves her profession with a passion – helping and teaching women how to make the most of their features is her true forte.

It has always been Wendy’s ambition to design her own make-up range, and, after training in Image and Colour with Carol Spenser of Style Directions, Wendy decided to combine her vast knowledge of cosmetics with fashion and style to bring something new to the make-up industry.

Having researched all the latest innovations in mineral make-up and scientific skincare, Wendy has created the perfect products for today’s real woman. The cosmetic range, developed using the Colour Directions system of analysis, helps you to choose the most flattering shades for your colouring. And, with a library of videos, being constantly updated to show you how to apply your products, Wendy has produced a fool proof system.

Have fun!

Wendy Campbell, Founder Colour Directions and Image Matters